ACK Acknowledgement

AG Absolute Grant

AICH Acquisition Indicator CHannel

AM Acknowledged Mode

AS Access Stratum

ASC Access Service Class

ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation.1

BCCH Broadcast Control Channel

BCFE Broadcast Control Functional Entity

BER Bit Error Rate

BLER BLock Error Rate

BSS Base Station Sub-system

CCCH Common Control Channel

CCPCH Common Control Physical CHannel

CH Conditional on history

CM Connection Management

CN Core Network


CTCH Common Traffic CHannel

CTFC Calculated Transport Format Combination

CV Conditional on value

DCA Dynamic Channel Allocation

DCCH Dedicated Control Channel

DCFE Dedicated Control Functional Entity

DCH Dedicated Channel

DC-SAP Dedicated Control SAP

DDI Data Description Indicator

DGPS Differential Global Positioning System

DL Downlink

DSCH Downlink Shared Channel

DTCH Dedicated Traffic Channel

DTM Dual Transfer Mode

E-AGCH E-DCH Absolute Grant Channel

E-DCH Enhanced uplink DCH

E-DPCCH E-DCH Dedicated Physical Control Channel (FDD Only)

E-DPDCH E-DCH Dedicated Physical Data Channel (FDD Only)

E-HICH E-DCH HARQ Acknowledgement Indicator Channel

E-PUCH Enhanced Uplink Physical Channel (TDD only)

E-RGCH E-DCH Relative Grant Channel (FDD only)


E-RUCCH E-DCH Random Access Uplink Control Channel (TDD only)

E-TFCI E-DCH Transport Format Combination Indicator

E-UCCH E-DCH Uplink Control Channel (TDD only)

FACH Forward Access Channel

FDD Frequency Division Duplex

F-DPCH Fractional DPCH

GANSS Galileo and Additional Navigation Satellite Systems

GC-SAP General Control SAP

GERAN GSM/EDGE Radio Access Network

GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System

GRA GERAN Registration Area

G-RNTI GERAN Radio Network Temporary Identity

HARQ Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request

HCS Hierarchical Cell Structure

HFN Hyper Frame Number


HS-DSCH High Speed Downlink Shared Channel

ID Identifier

IDNNS Intra Domain NAS Node Selector

IE Information element

IETF Internet Engineering Task Force

IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity

IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity

IP Internet Protocol

ISCP Interference on Signal Code Power

L1 Layer 1

L2 Layer 2

L3 Layer 3

LAI Location Area Identity

MAC Media Access Control

MBMS Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service

MBSFN MBMS over a Single Frequency Network

MCC Mobile Country Code

MCCH MBMS point-to-multipoint Control Channel

MD Mandatory default

MICH MBMS notification Indicator Channel

MM Mobility Management

MNC Mobile Network Code

MP Mandatory present

MTCH MBMS point-to-multipoint Traffic Channel

MSCH MBMS point-to-multipoint Scheduling Channel

NACC Network Assisted Cell Change

NAS Non Access Stratum

Nt-SAP Notification SAP

NW Network

OP Optional

PCCH Paging Control Channel

PCH Paging Channel

PDCCH Physical Downlink Control Channel

PDCP Packet Data Convergence Protocol

PDSCH Physical Downlink Shared Channel

PDU Protocol Data Unit

PLMN Public Land Mobile Network

PNFE Paging and Notification Control Functional Entity

PRACH Physical Random Access CHannel

PSI Packet System Information

p-t-m Point-to-Multipoint

P-TMSI Packet Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity

p-t-p Point-to-Point

PUSCH Physical Uplink Shared Channel

QoS Quality of Service

RAB Radio access bearer

RACH Random Access CHannel

RAI Routing Area Identity

RAT Radio Access Technology

RB Radio Bearer

RFE Routing Functional Entity

RG Relative Grant

RL Radio Link

RLC Radio Link Control

RLS Radio Link Set

RNC Radio Network Controller

RNTI Radio Network Temporary Identifier

RRC Radio Resource Control

RSCP Received Signal Code Power

RSN Retransmission Sequence Number

RSSI Received Signal Strength Indicator

SAP Service Access Point

SCFE Shared Control Function Entity

SCTD Space Code Transmit Diversity

SCTO Soft Combining Timing Offset (MBMS)

SF Spreading Factor

SG Serving grant

SHCCH Shared Control Channel

SI System Information

SIR Signal to Interference Ratio


TDD Time Division Duplex

TF Transport Format

TFCS Transport Format Combination Set

TFS Transport Format Set

TM Transparent Mode

TME Transfer Mode Entity

TMSI Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity

Tr Transparent

TSN Transmission Sequence Number

Tx Transmission

UE User Equipment

UL Uplink

UM Unacknowledged Mode

URA UTRAN Registration Area


USCH Uplink Shared Channel

UTRAN Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network